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The Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op is a community bike shop working towards an equitable New Haven by getting people on bikes. Through our bicycle recycling program, people donate us bikes, we fix them up, and then we donate them to low-income people who cannot afford them through partner programs with IRIS, CMHC, and others. We also take some of the fixed used bikes and sell them as used bikes to fund the program.

The bikes for sale below are all tuned up and inspected by professional mechanics. We have lots of bikes for all sizes and style preferences. If there are any problems within 30 days, bring it back to us and we will fix it for free!

Every used bike you buy from us supports our recycling program; you are helping get bikes to refugees, mental health patients, veterans, homeless, and kids who cannot afford them. The money raised ensures that we remain a sustainable organization, able to cover the costs of our programs, including transporting bikes, buying new tools for our volunteer shop, paying our small staff, and more. Beyond that, you also help us support our primary mission – to get people on bikes!

See some of our bikes available for sale below or Click Here to Request a Bike

Most of our bikes are $150-$300.

Small: Fits someone approximately 5’0″-5’6″
Medium: Fits someone approximately 5’4″-5’10”
Large: Fits someone approximately 5’8″-6’2″

Used Bike Request

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