Bicycle Recycling Program

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The Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op is a community bike shop working towards an equitable New Haven by getting people on bikes. Through our bicycle recycling program, people donate us bikes from their basements, from organizations, and from other local bike shops. Volunteers and mechanics at the Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op repair all the bikes and get them ready for donation or for sale. Some of the bikes we sell to fund our program, and the rest are donated. We work with partner organizations to directly identify those who want but cannot afford a bike and get them on a bike!

A healthy city has many needs, from a strong education system to health care and good infrastructure. But New Haven has a particularly acute need to address income inequality – our city has the sixth greatest income inequality of all cities in the United States. The most direct way to affect income inequality is to raise people’s incomes by getting them jobs. In New Haven, lack of quality transportation is rated as the highest problem people face when accessing the job market. Owning a car is expensive, our public transportation system is unreliable, and walking is often too slow or not an option.

Bikes provide a low-cost, highly efficient way of moving through the city. Bikes vastly improve job access to those without cars. They are cheap to acquire and maintain. They increase physical exercise, they keep our environment clean, and they provide a platform for coming together and making our city a better place to live. Bikes make for healthier cities. According to the 2011 US Census Bureau, there are approximately 1,459 bicyclists in New Haven. The Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op hopes to double that number and get 1,500 recycled bikes back onto the streets of New Haven by 2020. We want to get people on bikes and be a space that brings our city together.

If you want to volunteer and help us fix bikes, come down during our Open Shop hours and say hi! More information can be found here.

Partner Organizations

The Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op is proud to work with many local community organizations, including:

If you are a program that works with low-income residents of Greater New Haven and has a need for used bikes, please get in touch with us.

If you have a bike to donate please check out our donate page!